Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Water: An Industry of Marketing Geniuses and Con-Artists Alike

Above are two images of water. The one on the left costs approximately $2-2.50, while the one on the right costs pennies. This difference is accounted for by one thing: the power of advertising. Even though the finished product on the left also costs producers just pennies, it is sold to many at an incredibly high mark-up. Some people insist that they are paying for quality, but unfortunately, they are falling to the power of advertising. As one argument I will link to explains, the quality of both types of water are actually the same (if not worse in the case of bottled water). A company that can make a person pay 200 percent more than they could is no doubt successful. I have written an article on the power of advertising before, and these principles especially hold true in the case of water. In the case of other comparisons (such as Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks), the argument can be made that one actually does have a superior quality. However, the aforementioned argument cannot even be made in the case of water.

For anybody who has caught themselves arguing the superior quality of bottled water, I would definitely suggest reading the following article
I would suggest jumping to the section titled "Walmart and giant brands no different than tap water."

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