Friday, August 14, 2009

The Magic Red Box and Vaccuum

Many years ago, I recall an instance in which, just as every last Saturday of the month, I went to my favorite toy store and filled the materialistic side of my desires with gifts in exchange for good behavior throughout the month.

As we checked out of the store and filled the toys in bags, my mom jokingly said "Oh no Kavi, What are we going to do now? I have no money left to buy you any more toys!".

The synapses in my five-year-old brain must've gone into overdrive. Using my famous childhood imagination, I proceeded to resolve the dilemma by saying "Go to the drive through window at the bank mommy, they'll give you money!"

In my limited business / financial experience, all I knew was that if you needed money, just go to the drive-thru, fill out the paper, put the paper in the box, and send it up the vacuum. When the vacuum sends the red plastic box back, not ONLY do you get money, but you also get Lollipops. You just had to repeat this process every time you needed money. Simple enough.

My innocence had no limits.

I had no clue as to what it took to get to the point where the nice lady would honor your paper request "through the vaccuum". I had no clue what my mom and dad did before the lady would be willing to send us money. The direct deposits and transfers and check deposits.

But Now I understand.

Although I'm still learning, I hope you'll join me and enjoy this journey with me.