Sunday, May 27, 2012

名牌的东西在中国: The Power of Brand Names in China

在中国, 很多人愿意付很多钱买名牌的东西。 我想问你一个问题: 你觉得这个主意有好处吗? 我一个朋友三年前主在中国。他说了吃饭便宜是便宜,可是他说衣服,别的东西, 太贵了。实际上, 92%来美国从中国人说:“名牌的衣服质量比较好。”(买东西的时候,他们只买名牌的要不然就不买。我觉得不一定。我觉得每个月少买名牌医些,他们一年可以省很多钱。 你穿什么衣服都可以好看。再说, 虽然不必买名牌不可,可是不觉得不穿名牌。要是衣服是打折的,你当然应该买。
Translation: In China, Many people are willing to spend a lot of money to buy brand name clothes. However I would like to ask you if you think this is a good idea. Consider one of my friends who lived in China three years ago. She said that although dining is definitely cheap, buying other things is often too expensive. In fact, 92% of American visitors from China say that "Brand name clothes automatically are of better quality." When it comes to buying clothes, they will buy brand names or not buy at all. I don't necessarily agree. If they would be willing to cut down on their shopping even a little each month, they will save so much money in a year's time. I believe you can make clothes that are not brand name somewhat fashionable. Finally, I am not saying that one should not buy brand names at all. If something is on sale, for example, then you should definitely buy it. I am simply an advocate of shoppers making decisions after some thought.

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