Monday, June 20, 2011

How Large portion-sizes and Bringing Home Left-overs can potentially serve as a means of accelerating revenue for a Restaurant

Who doesn’t look forward to eating leftovers from last night’s big portion meal? In my opinion, while serving large portion-sizes and bringing home left-overs may seem like a benefit to only to the customer, I propose it can serve as a huge asset to the company too. In restaurants such as Cheesecake Factory, Maggianos, and T.G.I Fridays, customers can expect to come home with a bag full of delicious left-overs. When eating the leftovers the morning (or afternoon) after the dining experience, the customer relives the delicious food again the morning after. This forces a customer to not only enjoy the meal once, but to experience it twice, in two different atmospheres, at two different times. It makes economic sense for the restaurants to serve huge quantities and charge a few extra couple dollars for numerous reasons. While charging a customer an extra three dollars for a dish, and serving a three dollar out of restaurant pocket cost may seem somewhat ineffective , it is not. These large portion sizes add value of the meal in the minds of the customers, and also creates a more lasting impression. There is no denying that the food these aforementioned restaurants sell may be delicious, but no customer walks in these casual restaurants expecting a feeling of “gourmet”. Rather, customers expect an enjoyable atmosphere, friendly service, and their bellies to be filled. “Doggy-bags” serve as a way for middle-class restaurants to stand out from each other, because of their abilities to self-advertise and send some of the restaurant experience with the customer to enjoy a second time.

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